Take Profit And Sleep Peacefully | DTP Ratio Feature

2 min readNov 6, 2022

An unhealthy attachment to money distorts one’s ability to make logical decisions, especially in the financial space.

“Greed will keep a man from going hungry, but it will keep him too afraid to become rich.”

One is likely to lose sight of their goals, strategies, and timetable as a result of their anxiety to hoard wealth at any cost. The more emotionally invested they are in their financial situation, the more likely it is that they will make investment management mistakes. Another point to consider is that hoarders are more likely to buy high and sell low, which is the true mortal sin for investors.

Those who are obsessed with money typically have shorter time horizons and are more prone to taking a hyperactive and irrational approach to managing their positions.

Greedy investors, in essence, embody many of the errors assessed when researching the human factors that influence financial decisions.

In the investor’s mind, closing a losing position and accepting it is frequently seen as an extremely negative thing. Rather than liquidating a position of that kind, they will often keep it open until the entire capital is burned.

In general, should an investor burn their capital, their next step would typically be to try to find out what went wrong, or find a scapegoat. They would refuse to accept that they were the primary cause due to poor wallet management, and instead look for someone or something to blame.

A dissatisfied investor is the last thing an investing platform wants, and that’s why Uniqo’s DTP Ratio feature allows users to follow an orderly wallet management strategy while protecting the Protocol’s stability.

Uniqo will provide a dashboard that will allow users to view their investment position in real time and automatically calculate how much money they can liquidate each day. It will enable investors to plan their finances independently, deciding whether to take their daily profit or let interest auto-compound and accrue in their wallet.

With Uniqo, you will be able to achieve your financial goals because you are only competing with yourself, not with others.

The DTP Ratio not only promotes long-term passive income, but it also fosters a sense of community by indirectly pushing users to take care of the table where they are eating together. There will be the “child” who eats less and the “big guy” who eats more, but everyone will share a great meal as a family since they know there will never be a shortage of food for anyone.

One day, the child will grow up and become an adult, and there will still be food on the table for him.

Be with Uniqo, Stay for the revolution!

Uniqo Docs | DTP Ratio: https://docs.uniqo.finance/protocol-features/dtp-ratio




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